Be a better Boss!  Do these 5 things every day.

1. Lead by example

As a leader, you’re always being watched.  You could view this negatively or you could see it as an opportunity.  Employees feel resentful when they are asked to do things they believe their superiors would not or could not do, so walk the talk.

2. Ask questions and listen to the answers

Nothing will breed resentment and disengagement faster than the proverbial “suggestion box” that never gets opened.  The best business owners regularly talk to their employees and ask what’s going well and what’s not.

3. Give constructive feedback

No one likes being told they’re doing something wrong.  But people do like to know if there’s a faster, better, easier way to accomplish a task.

4. Actively build your team

If you’re not thinking about how to build or grow your team when you’re not actively hiring for a position, you’re missing a key component of being a strong leader.  Look for ways you can mentor, teach and train your existing staff to grow beyond the skill sets for which they were originally hired.

5. Take care of yourself

As part of leading by example, take the time and the effort to take care of yourself.  Exercise, take breaks, and make sure you get enough sleep.  If your team members see that you prioritise self-care as a means to better productivity so will they.

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